Rev. Stan Mantle

1095 Janisse Dr.
Windsor, ON
N8S 2V9

Vice President

Rev. Donald Shoff

4760 Calle Estrade
LaVarne, CA 91750

Executive Secretary

Drako Siracki

P.O. Box 441516
Detroit, MI 48244

The following listing partially identifies officers and the leadership pattern of the Czechoslovak Baptist Convention today:

  • Treasurer, USA: Eric Shereda
  • Treasurer, Canada: Otilia Alac
  • Financial Secretary, USA: Larry Rucker
  • Financial Secretary, Canada: Henry Pojman
  • Editor-in-chief, Glorious Hope: Natasha Laurinc
  • Electronics Publishing and Art: Vit Malek

A General Board, currently numbering twenty-seven members, directs the policy and programming of the Convention, making recommendation to the general membership concerning budget and finance, appointments and nominations, convention meeting dates and locations, and other matters of appropriate moment.

The board meets twice a year, at annual convention and in midyear meeting (November).
The highest authority of the Convention is the membership business meeting held at each annual convention.