The Czechoslovak Baptist Convention, is an organization composed of churches and individuals of Slavic ethnic roots, primarily Czech and Slovak.

Begun in 1909, the Convention now meets in annual conference at Meadville, PA, on the campus of Alleghany College. Its primary mission is Christian fellowship, worship and Bible study, and the support of Baptist and evangelical outreach ministries in the countries of Slovakia and the Czech Republic and to a lesser extent in other areas of Central Europe.

The Czechoslovak Baptist Convention of USA and Canada exists:

1) to assist in extending the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in lands of central and eastern Europe, particularly the Czech and Slovak Republics;

2) to support the work of Baptists and other evangelical churches in North America that minister to persons of Czech and Slovak descent, and

3) to provide a Christian context for worship, fellowship, teaching, and appreciation of heritage among those in the United States and Canada who bear interest in the nationalities we represent.